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Critical Emergency Support – 3 Hour Recovery

Definition – Critical Emergency Support selection indicates that customer is unable to use any portion of the WordPress installation, resulting in a critical impact on business operations. This condition requires immediate resolution.

Condition – A Critical Emergency Support issue has a crippling effect on customer’s business. i.e. website system is down

Key Deliverables – Critical Emergency Support service involves reacting to the customer’s emergency situation by immediately providing an appropriate resource. Unless another agreement is in place, Critical Emergency Support issues will be serviced on a continual effort basis until the Critical Emergency Support condition has been resolved. Resolution of Critical Emergency Support conditions may include temporary relief, enabling the customer’s business to operate until a more comprehensive solution is provided. Critical Emergency Support service delivery requires:

The product and the customer are eligible for customer support assistance as follows:

Customer is available 24×7 to actively collaborate with the analyst
System access or system information is available 24×7
Unless another agreement is in place, if the customer breaks continual effort, the situation will no longer be classified as critical, and will become lower priority. The case will then be serviced during normal business hours.

Examples of Critical Emergency Support case:

A production server has failed
Multiple users cannot access the website
Performance of the website has degraded to an unusable level
Data is unrecoverable, corrupt, or lost

Examples of cases that are not typically classified as Critical Emergency Support:

Database is operational following a one–time outage; root cause analysis required
Feature Request or customization
Customer is not available for collaboration with support engineers after hours
First–time installation

NOTE: A Critical Situation does not automatically imply Critical Emergency Support. The problem’s associated business impact determines the priority.

Initial response will consist of one of the following:

A potential problem resolution
A request for more information, which will allow us to determine the next steps toward potential problem resolution
At Trusitio’s sole discretion, if the issue requires escalation or extensive time to research, client contact will be notified with an estimate of the time required to provide more information, potential workaround, or a resolution.
Search engine Blacklist removal subject to guidelines set forth by the prospective provider.